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CXB Series LED High Bay

CXB Series High Bay - Energy saving LED Lighting

CXB Series LED High Bay

The CXB LED High Bay luminaire delivers up to 24,000 lumens with illumination performance to allow one-for-one replacement of 400W metal halide high-bay lighting and multi-lamp fluorescent high-bay fixtures. Bringing great performance and unexpected value to high-bay applications, the CXB Series obsoletes the need to continue using energy-wasting and high maintenance fluorescent and HID high-bay fixtures.


Light Features

    • Delivered Light Output: 24,000 / 18,000 lumens
    • Input Power: 240W/160W
    • CRI: 80
    • CCT: 4000K
    • Input Voltage: 120-277 VAC
    • Replacement for 250W and 400W HID High-Bay luminaires
    • Mounting: J-box, pendant, hook and cord
    • Weight: Maximum 6.35kg


High Bay Applications

    • Car Dealership
    • Schools & Universities
    • Industrial, Warehouse & Factories
    • Indoor Sports Stadiums
    • Municipal
    • Petroleum & Convenience Store
    • Recreation & Public Venues
    • Retail & Grocery

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  • CXB Series High Bay - Energy saving LED Lighting
  • CXB Series High Bay - Energy saving LED Lighting
  • CXB Series High Bay - Ideal for ware houses and facories
  • CXB Series High Bay - LED High bay - Acrylic Lens
  • CXB Series High Bay - LED High bay - Acrylic
  • CXB Series High Bay - LED High bay - Acrylic
  • Broadmeadows-Basketball-Courts
  • cxb-08
  • cxb-09

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CXB Series
Mounting Options:
Hook & CordJ-box or Pendant Mount
Optic Options:
16" (406mm) Aluminum16" (406mm) Clear Acrylic16" (406mm) White Acrylic
Universal ( 120-277V)
Options (Colour Temperature):
Options (Drivers):
NONE0-10V DimmingMulti-Level
Lumen Output:
240W 24,000 Median Lumens160W 18,000 Median Lumens
406mm Clear Prismatic Drop Lens for Acrylic Reflectors406mm Clear Cone Bottom Lens for Acrylic Reflectors406mm Wire Guard for Aluminium Reflector 406mm Wire Guard for Prismatic & Acrylic Reflectors


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