Outdoor Sports

Outdoor sports lighting helps to ensure a safe environment for participants, officials and spectators, and allows facilities to extend their operating hours, providing greater access to users, sporting teams and community groups.

Advanced Lighting Technologies are the outdoor sports lighting specialists – we’ve provided LED sports lighting solutions to local councils, schools and organisations across the Asia Pacific region. Netball, tennis, rugby, hockey, AFL and more.

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Outdoor Sports Lighting
Efficient & Sustainable
Replacing outdated metal halide light fittings with long-lasting LED can offer significant energy savings and help reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint.
Outdoor Sports Lighting
Adaptable & Robust
Designed to withstand the elements, we offer lighting solutions for all outdoor sports and levels of competition, from residential tennis courts to cricket fields and everything in between.
Outdoor Sports Lighting
Compliance & Guidance
Our experts can design an LED sports lighting solution that offers compliance to the relevant Standard (AS 2560), ensuring a safe and comfortable viewing experience for participants, officials and spectators.
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