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Attract the right type of attention to your business with quality, even lighting to illuminate your branding and signage.

Advanced Lighting Technologies has a range of lighting products with specific optical distributions that suit the unique requirements for illuminating signs and billboards.

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Sign Lighting
Enhance Visibility
With their target audience often driving past at speed, first impressions really do count for retailers and organisations wanting to highlight their brand. Getting your sign lighting right can go a long way to improving brand awareness and attracting potential customers.
Sign Lighting
Energy Efficient
Modern LED lighting uses much less energy than its predecessors. Upgrading lighting that runs all night (such as sign lighting) to LED can have a dramatic effect on energy consumption.
Sign Lighting
Durable & Robust
We offer a range of luminaires and accessories suitable to withstand the weather and other elements encountered with external lighting, including those with special paint finishes for coastal areas.
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