Smart Lighting Controls

Connected via a wireless network, smart controls give organisations or municipalities the opportunity to monitor and manage their lighting systems in real-time.

Consider the benefits of reducing light levels during quiet periods or increasing it during inclement weather or to assist emergency services responding to incidents. Instant reporting also means faults can be identified and repaired much quicker than in the past.

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Smart Lighting Controls
Leading Technology
We’re proud to offer smart lighting control systems from one of the world’s leading providers, DimOnOff. DimOnOff are considered a pioneer and innovator in wireless control and remote monitoring technology.
Smart Lighting Controls
Flexible & Scalable
DimOnOff’s versatile platform is a result of over 10 years of research and development aimed at creating the ultimate energy monitoring and management system. Scalable yet flexible, the DimOnOff smart lighting solution individualises control of luminaires and allows one-by-one wireless management of electrical loads.
Smart Lighting Controls
Control & Manage
A DimOnOff system creates a controllable network of luminaires that can be monitored and controlled as required. Features such as seasonal scheduling, dimming/brightening and fault notifications make managing your lighting solution so much easier.
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