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Advanced Lighting Technologies can help you achieve outstanding light uniformity and energy efficiency through smart design and cutting-edge high bay lighting systems.

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Recently Advanced Lighting technologies (ADLT) delivered a project for Hume City Council’s Broadmeadows Basketball stadium. This was as part of their Greenhouse Action Plan 2013-2016. The existing installation made up of a combination of 400W & 250W HID high-bays were no longer performing up to the standards with several lamps per court no longer operational while others faulty ballasts would continuously buzz during operation.


Set with this task ADLT produced a solution that delivered exceptional results. The uniformity and light levels achieved using the CXB Series High Bay exceeded the requirements while reducing the number of fittings per court to just 18 from 35 . The project saw the reduction in energy consumption by a massive 75% while reducing the number of fittings by half.


CXB Series High Bay

Advanced Lighting Technologies are excited to offer one of Cree’s latest LED creations, the CXB Series High Bay. The CXB Series is no ordinary high bay, delivering outstanding light, efficiency and durability. This cutting-edge design provides a long-life, low-maintenance lighting solution at an affordable price and boasts up to 80% energy savings over standard 400W high-bays when dimming control is implemented. Backed by a 10 year warranty, the CXB Series Bigh Bay will not disappoint.



Cutting Edge Design with Exceptional
Payback at Less Than 3 Years

CXB Series High Bay lighting delivers 25,700 lumens with illumination performance that allows one-for-one replacement of 400W metal halide high-bay luminaires and multi-lamp fluorescent high-bay fixtures.

Bringing great performance and ongoing electricity cost savings to high-bay applications, the CXB Series makes obsolete the need to continue using energy-wasting, high-maintenance fluorescent and HID high-bay fixtures. The CXB Series High Bay is priced to enable payback at less than 3 years.

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100,000+ Reasons Why It’s No Ordinary High Bay

With an exceptional lifetime, rated up to 100,000+ hours with a zero-restrike time, the CXB Series High Bay is an ideal replacement for incumbent HID high bay light sources. Additionally, it carries the benefits of a compact, lightweight construction, enhanced safety and significantly reduced re-lamp maintenance costs. CXB LED High Bay lighting offers unrivaled energy efficiency while still delivering a huge 25,700 lumens in distributions, designed for all types of general high-bay lighting.

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