Cree LN Series
LED Suspended Ambient

Cree LN Series Suspended Ambient

Cree LN Series
LED Suspended Ambient

The Cree LN Series LED Suspended Ambient provides better light from every angle: beautiful and efficient, simple to install, and unexpectedly affordable. Delivering superb illumination to the task surface for greater productivity and heightened alertness, the LN Series directs 60% of its light upward to dispel the striped ceiling contrasts common in indirect/direct fixtures.

Delivering up to 115 lumens per watt of Cree TrueWhite® Technology 90+ CRI illumination, the LN4™ utilizes Cree’s breakthrough Wavemax™ Technology, and is available with up to 3700 lumens in both 3500K and 4000K colour temperatures. In addition to 0-10V dimming, the LN Series is available with Cree SmartCast® Technology, the most intuitive and easiest to install intelligent light solution on the market, delivering up to 70% energy savings at up to half the cost of traditional solutions.

The LN Series combine best-in-class light with onboard sensors and intelligence to deliver a better light experience

  • Cree LN Series Suspended Ambient
  • Cree LN Series Suspended Ambient
  • Cree LN Series Suspended Ambient
  • Cree LN Series Suspended Ambient
  • Cree LN Series Suspended Ambient


    • Utilises Cree TrueWhite® Technology and WaveMax™ Technology
    • Available with Cree SmartCast® Technology
    • Efficacy: Up to 115 LPW
    • Delivered Light Output: Up to 3700 lumens (60% uplight, 40% downlight)
    • CRI: 90
    • CCT: 3500K or 4000K
    • 0-10V continuous dimming to 5% (standard)



    • Architectural appeal in a highly flexible and affordable luminaire
    • Highly uniform ceiling and task illumination
    • Superior light from fewer fixtures
    • Highly efficient system with up to 90% optical efficiency and precise optical control
    • Thoughtfully engineered for easy, fast installation and control
    • Exceptionally low 4:1 ceiling contrast ratio and excellent spacing between fixtures of 16+ feet
    • With SmartCast® Technology, provides a code-compliant solution delivering exceptional energy efficiency and an improved lighting experience in any environment
    • Unique modular light engine and integral SmartCast® Technology controls simplify design and installation
    • 0-10V or optional SmartCast® Technology dimming controls for increased energy savings

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