Energy Uno

Street & Area

The Cree Lighting Energy Series has been designed as a complete street lighting system, offering extraordinary efficiency across multiple lumen packages and a complete optical range. The perfect product for urban applications, the Cree Energy Uno Street & Area Light delivers both performance and ease of installation without sacrificing style.

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Cree Lighting Energy Uno
TRSAEnergy Uno2Horiz/Vert Tenon 60mm
3Horiz/Vert Tenon 76mm
K07NanoComfort Narrow Street
K10NanoComfort Medium Street
K12NanoComfort Broad Street
075Narrow Street 0.75 (T2S)
100Medium Street 1.00 (T2S)
125Comfort Street 1.25 (T2S)
150Wide Street 1.50 (T3S)
200Extra Wide Street 2.00 (T4S)
SCPStreet & Cycle Path Class P (T2S)
AFNArea Flood Narrow
ARSRoto-Symmetric Area
PCLPedestrian Crossing Left
PCRPedestrian Crossing Right
2LUp to 2,100 lumens
4LUp to 4,300 lumens
6LUp to 6,500 lumens
8LUp to 8,600 lumens
2282200K / 80 CRI
2782700K / 80 CRI
3083000K / 80 CRI
4074000K / 70 CRI
5775700K / 70 CRI
+Class 1
^Class 2
SGSapphire Grey
BKBlack Textured
WHWhite Textured
SVSilver Textured
Many options available - see spec sheet for details.
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