Tauranga, New Zealand
Maunganui Road Street Lighting
A Classic Look

The existing HPS luminaires on Maunganui Road were installed almost 20 years ago and were due for an upgrade. Tauranga City Council decided to make the logical transition to LEDs.


The old 150W HPS lamps were cumbersome and dated and a fresh new aesthetic was needed. The Maunganui Road Street Light Upgrade had three areas with different lighting challenges and requirements. The lighting application was also designed around the existing mounting heights and pole spacing.


The Cree Lighting XSP Street & Area Light was chosen for this application. It has a simple slimline appearance during the day and bright clean white light at night which is much more pleasing to the human eye than the orange glow associated with HPS lamps.

The Pacific Avenue through to Banks Avenue section of road had an existing mounting height of 7.0 metres- a low mounting height for a CAT V Road. The existing pole spacing were approximately 30-35 metres. The Cree XSP1, 3/4EU Optic, 38 Watt option was chosen for this area.

From Banks Avenue to Rata Street we had to work with a large central median and irregular pole spacing’s. For this application the Cree XPSP1, Type 2 Optic, 53 Watt was chosen. From Rata Street to Tawa Street there was a large central median, traffic management device and pedestrian refuge. The Cree XSP1, Type 3/4EU Optics, 43 Watt was chosen. All of the Cree XSP fixtures were supplied with a field adjustable driver.


  • Excellent daytime/night-time aesthetics
  • Clean white light
  • Field adjustable driver
  • Approx 50% energy savings
  • Light Fittings – Manufacturer’s Warranty of 10 years
  • Light Fittings – Application Life of 20 years

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