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St Paul’s Primary School
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St Paul's Primary School

St Paul’s Primary School has been providing Catholic education to the Coburg community for over 170 years and is one of the oldest schools in Melbourne. The school is currently enjoying a resurgence in student numbers due to a changing local demographic and nearby residential developments (including the old Pentridge gaol site).

St Paul’s is committed to providing a happy and safe learning environment where students can reach their full potential. The school recently received a Non-Government  Schools Capital Fund Grant to build new contemporary  classrooms, learning spaces and more.

The project included the total refurbishment of an existing building’s interior. The aim was to create new spaces that feature modern shapes and elements while also echoing the school’s history. Outside, two new car parks and a recreational area were also constructed, including shade structures, seating areas and landscaping work. Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied both interior and exterior luminaires as part of the redevelopment.

Indoors, we supplied the practical and versatile Arcluce Rigo Modular Lighting System. Rigo is perfect for creating uninterrupted lines of light along walls and ceilings, enhancing surroundings with its elegant design. Rigo also offers maximum flexibility thanks to an endless choice of optics, mounting options, colours, lenses, screens and more. At St Paul’s, four sections of the Rigo were installed along a central corridor connecting several classrooms and learning spaces. With a void overhead, suspending the fittings from the ceiling wasn’t an option, so structural engineers proposed installing a beam from wall to wall that the Rigo could be mounted to. Each luminaire measures 2.2 metres long and were equipped with an opal diffuser to ensure maximum visual comfort for both teachers and students. The outcome is a remarkable lighting solution offering quality illumination that blends functionality with beautiful European design.

We also supplied the Cree Lighting LR200 Series Downlight to help illuminate classroom entrances and storage areas. The LR200 features Cree Lighting’s TrueWhite® technology which brings exceptional colour quality to interior lighting applications, delivering a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) score of 90+, high R9 values, and accurate and consistent colour. The result is beautiful white light that can dramatically improve the visual appearance of its environs.

Classroom lighting often calls for simple functionality and the economic 30W LED Panel from Venture Lighting is the perfect choice. This ultra-thin and lightweight panel is ideal for educational environments, offering balanced light distribution and a Unified Glare Rating (UGR) of less than 19, while ease of installation and a choice of mounting options offer flexibility. Sixty panels from Venture Lighting were installed at St Paul’s.

Outdoors, two new car parks were constructed to improve onsite parking, including parking spaces for people with disabilities and an upgraded entrance from busy Pentridge Boulevard. Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied the Cree Lighting XSP Street & Area Light combined with premium square poles. The XSP delivers uniform illumination exactly where it’s needed thanks to Cree Lighting’s integrated NanoOptic® technology. The variants supplied at St Paul’s featured a correlated colour temperature (CCT) of 3000K which helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. A single Arcluce Gothic180 Bollard was also installed near the entrance to the administration area.

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