Wiri, Auckland, New Zealand
Electrical Engineer
Jody Martin - Opus International Consultants
Wiri EMU Maintenance Depot
Low Maintenance, High Quality

The Wiri Maintenance Depot is the main maintenance and stabling facility for Auckland Transports new Electric Multiple Units (EMUs) trains. In an environment where accessibility becomes difficult, reliability and maintenance become the key drivers for any lighting application.


Luminaire placement was challenging due to the rail depots operational needs, under-ground services, foundations and the 25KV AC traction system. The overhead traction wires also meant there were restrictions regarding conventional maintenance methods. Specific lighting design levels, based on rail standards for similar depots overseas, needed to be attained in certain operation areas.

Additionally, there were requirements to have emergency egress lighting powered by an un-interrupted power supply (UPS). The preference was to incorporate this within the installed lighting system to minimize equipment and structures. The bi-level switching mechanism within selected luminaires provided functionality for a separate UPS circuit to run the light fittings in a reduced output mode for emergency egress purposes.

To address these challenges, the quality and performance of the Cree LEDway, type 2, full cut off side throw optics were selected to achieve the desired illuminance, control and longevity.


  • Quality lighting with very low maintenance
  • Luminaires configured to operate on the UPS supply
  • Light Fittings – Manufacturer’s Warranty of 10 years
  • Light Fittings – Application Life of 20 years

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