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The Advanced Lighting Technologies Difference

Advanced Lighting Technologies has been providing organisations and government departments with lighting solutions for decades, not just during the recent rise of LED technology. We source high-quality lighting products directly from leading manufacturers in the U.S and Europe. These innovative products are designed with the latest technology and are backed by industry-leading warranties. Our product range can be tailored to your budget and application constraints while maintaining the highest standard of performance.

A quality lighting solution has to offer more than reliability, performance and value. It must become part of its surroundings, minimise any impact on the environment and reduce energy consumption. Our team of dedicated staff includes qualified electrical engineers, lighting designers and members of industry organisations. Our lighting designs and application solutions are produced to meet your project briefs and expectations. We follow internal work processes designed to streamline our operations and deliver projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We can provide full financial analysis including detailed return on investment and cumulative savings calculations. We can also assist in project management and new technology integration to ensure a smooth transition throughout a lighting project.


Our areas of expertise include:

    • Lighting Solutions and Application Advice
    • Lighting Design Service
    • Lighting Standards Knowledge and Application
    • Lighting Products Technical Support
    • Lighting Control System Design and Commissioning
    • Project Management
    • Sales and Customer Service Support
    • Financial and Payback Analysis
    • Energy Savings Calculations
    • Project Financing Options

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