Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
University Of Tasmania (UTAS)
UTAS Urban Realm

Advanced Lighting Technologies are pleased to present our latest case study: University of Tasmania (UTAS) Urban Realm in Launceston.

As part of a $300 million project, a new UTAS campus is being constructed at Inveresk in the heart of Launceston. The campus will become central to the life of the city – a vibrant place where the community, business, industry and the University can connect and collaborate.

One of the recently completed stages is the Urban Realm – a series of interconnected outdoor areas totalling 15,000 square metres. Urban Realm includes a community garden, performance spaces and recreational areas featuring two multi-sport courts, a running track, table tennis courts and a seating area. The sport courts’ unique design is a nod to the area’s history – with line markings and colours emulating the rising tide of the nearby river, rooflines and a now-defunct railway station. Advanced Lighting Technologies supplied the exterior lighting used to illuminate this recreational area.

The design brief called for a functional lighting solution that not only met the light levels recommended by the relevant Australian Standard for sports lighting (AS 2560) but also minimised any upwards light pollution.

The Cree Lighting OSQ High Output Area & Flood Light blends performance with functionality in a feature-packed, low-profile design. The OSQ features advanced optical control and was supplied in 3000K which helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Recreation and leisure facilities assist in promoting a healthier and more active lifestyle. At UTAS, the Cree Lighting OSQ High Output’s long lifetime means the local community will be using these facilities for years to come.


  • 3000K creates warm inviting atmosphere
  • Flexibility thanks to DALI dimming

Photo Credits: UTAS, Baker Group, Tuff Group

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